annoying vibration noise while driving...

Discussion in 'Suspension' started by YoungGuna267, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. YoungGuna267

    YoungGuna267 Member

    my car makes a vibration noise while im its not the tires, i swaped the old wheels and tires on and it still makes that noise. im looking at a repair book and it says it could be cv joints, wheel bearing, or a shit load of loose suspension or steering components.......idk where to start...anyone go through this and can guide me in the right direction....its like a loud humming noise... thanks....
  2. SOHCinWA

    SOHCinWA MadMood Staff Member

    Sounds like a wheel bearing going out
  3. 609CivicEx

    609CivicEx Member

    agreed, you whould jack your car up and see if theres any wheel play....
  4. myHonda1

    myHonda1 Active Member

    while your under there check your cv boots and make sure they're not ripped.
  5. YoungGuna267

    YoungGuna267 Member

    both of the axles are pretty much new..... left is about 3 weeks old...right about 4 pretty sure the right axles is rebuilt or w/e they do then sell them sounds like the noise is comming from the front right. the left is brand new for sure though..not remanufactured. so i wouldnt be suprised if it was the cv joint in the right axle.. how do u check for wheel play. i had it jacked up and nothing seems different on either side. so idkkkk
  6. SOHCinWA

    SOHCinWA MadMood Staff Member

    i would put money that its a wheel bearing
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  7. 609CivicEx

    609CivicEx Member

    just jack the car up, grab the tire and try to shake it from left to right, up and down also... thats the quick was of checking it
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  8. YoungGuna267

    YoungGuna267 Member

    alright thanks for the info
  9. fsufan814

    fsufan814 New Member

    thats not only wheel bearing thats going to test, your probably testing the ball joints just as much.

    anyhow, i would say, more than likely by the age of your vehicle and what your describing its definetly a wheel bearing.

    if you have the time and patience go ahead and replace the front 2, if not, pay someone to do it, most shops will do it for around 100 a wheel which isnt bad. kinda depends on how pumped you are on penny pinching and how busy you are. unfortunately hondas have pressed in bearing thats can be a bitch, but generally last a long time (thus why you havent had this problem before. older american cars you wouldve already replaced them)

    good luck
  10. YoungGuna267

    YoungGuna267 Member

    i learn from all the stuff that ever went bad or is going bad to not buy a car that has 170,000 miles for a DD...i spend more money just to keep it on the road running good that i could have put into a bad ass project car.............. thanks... ill check it out they next day i have of school and work...
  11. Reaction360

    Reaction360 Active Member

    first of all, I just wanna say that this is posted in the wrong forum. Should be in the technical forum :D

    now as for the problem. humming and howling sounds usually are associated with wheel bearings. Like others have stated. jack the vehicle up, preferably on the lower control arm so that the rest of the suspension does not hang. With one hand on top of the tire and the other on the bottom, shake the tire up and down. This will determine if you have wheel bearing or ball joint play. have someone give you and eye with a flashlight to determine where the excessive play is coming from. Shaking the tire from side to side (left to right) will tell you if you have inner or outter tie rod end play. But those will not cause a rotational sound.

    Not all bad wheel bearings will have play though. Some will just be dry and noisy. To determine a bad wheel bearing from noise, just take it for a drive. A bad wheel bearing's noise will usually increase in noise as you accelerate (the faster you go, the louder it gets). And when you let off the gas, the noise is persist, but quiet down with speed. If the noise comes and goes when you turn the steering wheel, that'll also tell you its a wheel bearing as the noise comes n goes as you load and unload the wheel bearing.

    At work, we usually put the car on a rack and put it in gear and drive it in the air as another person listens to the wheel bearing with a stethoscope.

    Now everything I've posted isn't necessary the right way to check a bearing or anything, its just how we do it at work. Thats all.
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  12. SOHCinWA

    SOHCinWA MadMood Staff Member

    Thank you Zol.... I am happy to have you on the site to point people in the right direction.
  13. Reaction360

    Reaction360 Active Member

    I do what I can. ;)
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    Like add me on myspace :p I don't have the required info...

    ok, back on topic.
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