Does gear ratios affect the whp output of an engine

Discussion in 'Transmission' started by Gts limited, May 2, 2012.

  1. Gts limited

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    I know this question sounds dumb but i need some answers. I was comparing some engines from different brands to honda recently with factory specs @ crank vs whp it seems honda have the edge of getting more power to the wheels because there favour for big final drive and close ratios.
  2. K2e2vin

    K2e2vin Broke builder

    It's not really the gear ratio but rather the gear/components design itself(reduce loss due to parasitic drag and inertia).
  3. The_Beave

    The_Beave The Red Tape Avenger

    Yes. It does. The transmission is a device that multiplies/spreads torque. Changing the gear ratios changes the amount of torque the wheels see.
  4. ddd4114

    ddd4114 Active Member


    Assuming the gear design is comparable, the power output will be pretty much the same.

    As Matt mentioned, the torque will be different, but speed will also change accordingly to conserve power.
  5. BoneSpec

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    Honda like to under rate their motors.

    D16A6 in simple SCCA IT prep put out 127-130 whp, D16Z6 138-140 whp

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