how many psi i can haz on stock d15??

Discussion in 'Noob Section' started by kingyeddi, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. kingyeddi

    kingyeddi Mad Man

    j/k :p Hi guys. New to OCO. Not to interwebs:D Bought my first Honda automobile last year and been pretty much hooked. Building my 93 4dr DD for a low budget turbo setup and am about to build a little high comp NA/n2o setup for strip duty. DSO regular, HT lurker.
  2. burnoutboy

    burnoutboy THE BANNED Staff Member

    At first I was like:facepalm: then I[weihnacht].

    Welcome aboard man.
  3. kingyeddi

    kingyeddi Mad Man

    lolZ Thanks
  4. sloopy

    sloopy New Member

    causein trouble all over da net eh? :D

  5. Kris

    Kris Si in HF clothing...

    Wow, only your 2nd posting in over 3 years...
  6. burnoutboy

    burnoutboy THE BANNED Staff Member

    Wow, only your 696th posting in 3+ years LOL. ;)

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