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Discussion in 'Showcase' started by 89F22sedan, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. 89F22sedan

    89F22sedan multi-honda

    well, i recently traded my 89 hatchback for this over the weekend and i must say so far im happy with it.

    only a couple pics for now off my iphone. been busy piecing it back together.

    heres a general list of items done to the car.

    year: 1993
    Make: Honda
    Model: Civic 4 door DX
    Engine: D16a6 stock, S20 5 speed conversion(was auto)
    Suspension: Tien front lowering springs on stock struts, rear ebay coilovers on blistens
    ICE: Jensen 2.5" on screen dvd HU, Volfenhag 6.5 inch in the door, 6x9 Alpine's in the rear, 10" kicker L7 on a 1200watt diet.
    wheels: multi lug aluminum 13's with 175/70 rubber(small i know)
    Exhaust: 1 piece 2.5" from gutted cat back to PaceSetter muffler, DC sports knockoff 4/2/1 header

    and as far as exterior goes, only rust is on both rear quarters which will be getting cut out and patch panels put on soon.

    overall im very happy with this car. it has small problems that are being addressed in a timely manner. ill post up some more pics probably tomorrow or the following day( in a discrete location)
  2. f00ker

    f00ker "Baller Status" Staff Member

    What is "grochery"?
  3. 89F22sedan

    89F22sedan multi-honda

    damnit, how did that "h" get in there!!

    must have been thinking about some honda......
  4. scottdh20

    scottdh20 damn im a noob again

    nice pick-up

    check your pm's
  5. 89F22sedan

    89F22sedan multi-honda

    already talking to him Scott. probably at the end of the month ill be picking them up. i want to get those blackdeaths from Ruben though.......omg they are some of the best 6x9's in the world.
  6. 89F22sedan

    89F22sedan multi-honda

    wow, i havent updated this thread since august.......well for the time being i will bump this up to the top and let you guys in on a secret......shes turning into a beast.....
  7. burnoutboy

    burnoutboy THE BANNED Staff Member

    And for the time being I'll correct your thread title LOL. Can't wait to see what she's become!
  8. 89F22sedan

    89F22sedan multi-honda

    well, she has a brand new rebuilt heart and i tell you what it runs amazing!!!!!

    the engine consist of a d15b6 bottom end with pm3 pistons, a 3 layer mls headgasket and a stock y8 head, y8 intake, and egay header. i just took my adjustable cam gear off the d16a6 i took out and sometime between work, and rebuilding the d16a6 for my recently acquired 89 civic rt4wd auto and getting it swapped in and running ill have it installed.

    need to address the body work to both honda's, and i also need to fix my suspension bushing that is blown out. all in due time. just a lot to do with raising my daughter, working, spending time with the wife, and trying to keep the cars on the road.

    i will eventually get to some updated pics and whatnot for you fellas. just kinda forgot about the good ole onecamonly family.
  9. Jokerluv

    Jokerluv New Member

    have fun with it
  10. 89F22sedan

    89F22sedan multi-honda

    well for starters this is the engine i installed.

    i then installed this light bar from the wagon onto my car as the wife didnt like it at all on the wagon.
    it has 3k hid outer driving lights and 100w 5 inch inners. think i will be converting the 5 inch lights over to 6k hids as well.
    then traded the factory headlamps for these projector style ones with 6k hids.

    i also installed this into the interior, nice addition i would say.
    and this,
    love it^^^^

    i then started test fitting some items here and there,

    then i picked up some new audio equipment, some i have pictures of others i do not.
    Kenwood 6.5 coaxial for the doors, Alpine CDE-133bt(god i love this radio), alpine mini power pack given to me by a friend,
    Vibe blackdeath 6x9's
    ^^^these will become my new subwoofers to replace my 10" kicker L7
    also picked up these for use later in the wagon,

    also picked up these for the wagon, i drove on them for a week though,

    and lastly, ive decided on a paint color no matter how bad others think about it.
    sublime green pearl

    hows this for a quick update. a lot more has happened to, had to replace the fuel pump, battery(now has optima yellow top), main relay, left front wheel bearing(which is now dead again do to a blown out control arm bushing i discovered in the past 2 weeks), rear brakes are all new because of a wheel cylinder blowing out on me so i replaced everything on both sides, replaced the front shocks, and have a bunch of parts im picking up within the next month or so from a friend parting out a 94 sedan so ill have my side skirts, headliner, two new control arms for the front, a stock suspension i will use in winter, and a bunch of random interior pieces. so yeah, been real busy as you see. lol
  11. The_Beave

    The_Beave The Red Tape Avenger

    I actually think I'll like the paint color.

    I have one of those clusters to install into my CRX. Wiring is going to be interesting. heh
  12. 89F22sedan

    89F22sedan multi-honda

    well beave your the second person to say they like it, kinda brings a smile to my face:)

    as for the wiring for the cluster, as long as you have the mapping right(IE the correct diagrams to use its really a straight forward job. Most of the wire colors are identical from cluster to cluster with the exception of a few wires here and there. This was one of the first things i did when i got the car lol.

    im hoping that i can fix up the wifes buick a little now that shes not driving it, flip it and find a suv for her. that way i can start driving the wagon as my daily and build this car up like i want.

    one thing for sure is im truly amazed at how well this engine is running. first honda engine i have fully built from the ground up. Almost every part is reconditioned or new so it should last for a long time as long as i take care of it.
  13. Brundell88

    Brundell88 New Member

    Your car has a pushbar?
  14. 89F22sedan

    89F22sedan multi-honda

  15. Brundell88

    Brundell88 New Member

    Niiice now it time to convert to 4wd n get a slightly bigger tire on there.
  16. 89F22sedan

    89F22sedan multi-honda

    no, i already got that toy,

    its a 91 rt4wd auto, just put a rebuilt d16a6 in it. so far so good, love it to death, its the wifes new daily, and its also where that bar came from with the center lights only, i added the outer driving lights.
  17. Xionation

    Xionation New Member

    Love the 4 dr build. That green is going to be a great color. Good luck.

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