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Discussion in 'General Tech' started by Thursty, May 6, 2012.

  1. Thursty

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    The ac compressor is going out on my 00 Civic and since ill have it torn apart replacing it I was looking into underdrive pulleys. It is my understanding most people hereare against underdrive crank pulleysbut there are other types my question is what's the best type to look for? I here they take slot of the strain off the motor and other parts and I'm looking for longevity of the engine with the horsepower that is "unlocked" as more of an added bonus. if it matters my only performance mods so far are an intake with exhaust soon to come.
  2. cyanide

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    Stick to OEM pulley. They don't unlock any horsepower. Though they probably unlock your bearings and the hardened layer of the crank.
  3. Kris

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    UD's are not the best way to gain HP if any is to be gained or should I say, unlocked.... Trying to slow down accessories, like A/C, power steering, alternator will usually end up causing other issues.

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