95 honda civic possible blown head gasket?

Discussion in 'Noob Section' started by sidthasloth, Mar 6, 2015.

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    Ok, first off i have searched and done quite a bit of research on this, i think my head gasket is blown on my 1.6 engine. It overheats and leaks oil in the radiator and coolant in the oil. Here is my question, the car runs strong till it gets to operating temp, so do u guys think its better to get a head and put on it since there is a possibility of the head actually being cracked. But if i do this what kind of head work should i get done for some more power and a possible turbo in the future. What cam should i go with? Do u think the block is the issue and not the head?
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    It sounds a lot like the head is warped (could be cracked also). I've dealt with BHG on Hondas and usually ended up having the block decked (shaved for a smooth surface) and of course a new head + gasket set, ect.

    If the bottom end is salvageable and has low enough miles, see about replacing the top-end.
    Keep in mind: If the bottom end is worn out, rebuilding the top-end will cause the rings to fail quickly.

    The best option is to find another D16 (or D15) to swap in, as they can be had for cheap.

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