Questions about making my own hydraulic hard lines for brakes.

Discussion in 'Suspension' started by burnoutboy, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. burnoutboy

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    Okay so wifeys car had a hard line rust through. I need to replace both front hardlines. My plan is to buy a long roll of the AGS PolyArmor brake line, a spring type pipe bender, and a flare tool. Already have several pipe cutters. My main question is do I NEED to get new hardware for the fittings or can I just cut the old lines and remove/re-use the threaded pieces.

    ALSO, I've never actually done this. I'm quite confident about the procedure but I'm wondering if there are any tips I should knbow about before starting.
  2. K2e2vin

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    You can reuse old fittings(assuming the pipes are the same size). If anything; that's the easy way since metric fittings are harder to find.

    I don't know if this is useful or not; but something I do is try to "roll" it when I bend it to help reduce the chance of kinks and also bend in the larger radius possible; but I have some friends who don't and they've never had issues. In general, the brake lines bend fairly easily without kinking compared to larger pipes.

    Oh yeah; there's also specific brake-line benders that are pretty useful. I think HF may sell them too.
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  3. Cammark35

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    the AGS Polyarmor stuff is soft enough to bend bare handed without crimping. though it does look better when you use a bending tool.

    In my area O'reilly's carries this tubing in several pre-flared lengths with fittings installed. Should be able to order online if you can't get it locally. check it out though. if the length is close enough it'll save you loads of time and effort. it's cheap too, 6ft cost me about $8.
  4. burnoutboy

    burnoutboy THE BANNED Staff Member

    Actually the polyarmor bent fine, no kinks, gotta go slow and use a pvc pipe to help bend.

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